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Code Slug is a trustworthy and secure website that offers informative blogs in practically every category to our valued users, including Sports, Health, Lifestyle, Technology, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Home decoration, and many others. 

We have a good team of authors who assist us in providing accurate information to all of our readers. As far as you are concerned about your security then read this page to clear your doubts. 

Know that, when you try to interact with us either by subscribing or visiting our website, you automatically agreed to our all terms and conditions. On this page, you will find all the information about how your data is used to improve your experience with us.

Data Collection:

If you are required to provide any necessary information then don’t hesitate because we respect your privacy and we will provide you with all the details while asking so don’t worry your information is safe with us and it is only required to provide you a great experience. The information could include your:

  • Full Name.
  • Mobile Number.
  • Email address.
  • Name of Company.
  • Residential address in rare cases.
  • Other relevant Attachments.

Don’t worry, we are not going to steal all this information, it is up to you whether you want to provide these details or not. If you don’t agree with us, then sadly you won’t be able to proceed further.

However, you should know that all this information is required for improving your relationship with us. Your data may also be collected by third parties via cookies, which we will explain later; in the meanwhile, keep reading to learn how we utilize the information we collect.

How Collective Information is utilized?

As previously said, the primary goal of data collection is to keep you connected to us while also improving your experience with us. However, we are adding some other details that will help you better understand our goals:

  • To provide the services according to your interests.
  • To have a deeper understanding of your expectations and demands
  • The information also helps us in understanding the need of improving our services.
  • To provide only relevant information as we want to save your time.
  • To keep you connected with us by providing a user-friendly experience.
  • Your contact information helps us in sending you emails of your interest.
  • To keep you safe from any fraudulent activities and scams.
  • Data collection through cookies provides the idea of your likings and dislikings.

Third-party Interference:

The relation of Code Slug with other third parties helps us in providing the relevant ads and for this reason, our system also collects the information about your online IDs, IP address, signatures, geolocation, and financial data.

Now that you know everything about our privacy policies, we recommend that you do your research before contacting or accepting anything from third parties, because it has no bearing on our policies, and the terms change when you switch websites.

About Cookies:

When you accept cookies that means you are agreed to the terms and conditions of Code Slug. Cookies help us in improving the user experience by keeping an eye on some activities like searching, it provides a brief idea about users’ interests and which type of content they might want to see.

The gathering of data via cookies is not intended to cause harm or to reveal any additional personal information about the user. You are safe to visit our website for enhancing their knowledge and finding authentic content without any hesitation.

Contact Information:

We have discussed all our policies in detail but if you still have any doubts in mind, feel free to contact us at [email protected], sooner or later you will surely get a response from our team.


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